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On Nudity (and boobs).

It has never ceased to mystify me that we as human beings regard nudity, and the mere sight of a certain few body parts among the many many different body parts, as being “dirty” and unacceptable for viewing. Why on earth is it acceptable to show our elbows in public, yet to show buttocks leads to shame and outrage? What magic taboo do buttocks possess? Or why is a female nipple forbidden, while a male nipple is accepted, even commonplace, in everyday life and in all public circles? When you get right down to it, and really think about this in a base-frame of thinking, there’s no accounting for it. It’s just a form of social engineering that has been accepted for so long that no one really questions it, or even thinks about it. Real, subjective analysis on the matter never seems to happen. Breasts and behinds and genitals are accepted as “dirty” because, well, they always have been.

Take breasts, for instance. They’re just breasts. What if, physiologically, we had instead evolved to feed our young through the glands in our underarm pits? Would armpits then be considered immoral and be covered up? Let us begin to see how arbitrary our sense of morals is.

Consider this question: If an alien being landed on our planet, in a quest to learn about humankind and to take this knowledge back to their home planet, and they quizzically asked about our belief that female breasts (as an example) are forbidden and dirty and wrong, how would we explain it to them? The conversation might go like this:

Alien: “You consider the breast a horrible thing that must be kept from the eyes of your other human beings. Why is this?”

Human: “Because they are morally wrong, and awful to view in public, and terrible. Our fellow humans must never view them.”

Alien: “Well what is their purpose?”

Human: “To give life and nourishment and sustenance and comfort to baby humans.”

Alien: “So in what way is the breast a bad thing?”

Human: “Well, because other non-baby humans also enjoy seeing them.”

Alien: “Why do non-baby humans also enjoy seeing them?”

Human: “I don’t know. Maybe because somewhere in the deep reaches of the past, we decided they were forbidden to be seen, which made other humans interested in seeing them.”

Alien: “I’m not sure I understand.”

Human: “Me neither. But that’s the way it is.”

The conversation would continue; the Human explaining why the penis, designed to deliver life-creating liquid (as well as make pee-pee) and the vagina (designed to accept life-creating liquid and also make pee-pee), are also considered shockingly disgusting. It would end in a resolute determination that if a body part produces life, and also joy, it must be exterminated from the landscape of public view and discourse. At which point the alien throws up his skinny alien-like hands and takes the next flying saucer back to his more enlightened planet.