Dental Hero

My dentist, Dr. Rolf, is a most amazing man. He spends three months out of his yearly practice travelling to war-torn countries, on his own dime, helping under-privileged people get free dental care. The rest of the time, he gives local Santa Barbarans the best dental care in town. And his office is awesome. The waiting room is filled with all kinds of musical instruments from around the world: Indian drums, African tablas, acoustic guitars, ukuleles, lutes, mandolins, and more:

And he offers herbal tea and green tea in the waiting room also. In the waiting room which is filled with green plants and vines draping everywhere.

And here is one of the signs he uses when he goes on his international campaigns, resting in the waiting room in between trips:

And his exam rooms have rounded ceilings like caves, and there are TVs mounted in the ceilings that play Cirque du Soleil. And he makes his own dental crowns himself, in-house. And he is the most awesome dentist i’ve ever met. If you need dental work, check him out!!! He is rad.


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