Butterfly Beach Art Installations and other Joys

Stumbled upon the greatest art installation ever today… on Butterfly Beach:

You can’t see it, but there are ropes of seaweed coming out of each hole in the domes and connecting to the hole in the next dome. Brilliant.

This was the best one:

They made an ice-plant rainbow!

But it was way up on the beach, out of view from the other pieces. So i deemed myself the unofficial art gallery manager, and tried to steer people to it:

“Don’t miss the brick!!”

“Brick — This Exit!”

And i had a minor trauma over the weekend; my front-tooth crown fell out while eating a particularly crusty-breaded sandwich:

I love my dentist’s waiting room:

He fixed me up good:

And i’d like to live here, please:


3 responses to “Butterfly Beach Art Installations and other Joys

  1. yay! I do that with my students! we make earthworks on campus and at the beach…maybe you can email me some of those photos….

  2. Sweet photo’s B! I like the one that is round, like a platter of food, right before the ice~plant rainbow…and the hand holding flowers is pretty! Wow! Dr. Rolfes office is over~flowing with instruments…how do you get in…? LOL! BISOUS…..

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