SBMA Nights at the Art Museum

Better late than never — Bessie Kunath made me her plus-one for this month’s SBMA Nights event. Thanks Bess!!!

Her friend Patrick’s performance piece was great — guests were ushered into a room filled with eight “tellers”, people sitting at office desks, dressed in office garb, at manual typewriters. They asked each guest a series of survey questions (such as, “Describe a recent mystery” and “Demonstrate your whistle” and “Any new superpowers this year?”) and they typed out your answers. Then we guests took our completed surveys around the corner, and deposited them into the mail-slot on an office door. A minute later, a tube shot out of the office which contained our fortune. It was such fun!

I wish this didn’t turn out blurry, cos Bessie looked so cute!!!

And there was a piece where people posed for a face photograph which was instantly printed out and stuck to the wall. Then the subjects all wrote their “biggest regret” on a card and put it in an envelope for the gods to sort out (mine was “Not having sex with Cynthia”). Then sexxy girls smeared wallpaper paste over the photos and wrote slogans on them.

By the time it was over, we were STARVING. So we went to Arigato but the wait was 20 minutes so we had sushi at East, next to the Granada, which was actually really good.

Thanks Bessie!!!


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