The Berlin Wall

Crazy that in Germany, in 1961, they built a CEMENT WALL dividing the city of Berlin, dividing it to keep East Berlinners from leaving the city. Even more crazy, the wall existed until late 1989, which is in most of our lifetimes. Imagine… a WALL keeping people penned inside an area, keeping them from leaving their own city, and preventing them from even communicating with anyone outside of it. A country imprisoning their own people. Even into the late 1980s. That’s like 2 years before Clinton was elected. Can we imagine such inhumanity? Incredible that this was allowed to happen in our lifetime. Learn more about the wall, via Wikipedia HERE.

I was in Europe when the Berlin Wall fell, living in England with my friend Rusty. One of my biggest regrets is not taking a train over to East Germany while the wall was falling. The BIGGEST party in Europe since the end of World War II, and possibly EVER, was taking place just East of us. People dancing on the wall, breaking it down with sledge hammers, popping champagne, and hugging their family & friends who they hadn’t been allowed to even communicate with in 28 years… I was 577 miles away. Shorter than the distance from Santa Barbara to Portland, Oregon. Damn. Why didn’t i go? I missed the biggest party of the century. Well, we were having fun in England, so it’s ok. But still… damn.

I did get to see what was left of the Wall when i visited Berlin in 1992. Germany was unified but parts of the wall still stood as a testament to the unjust past:

Excellent short doc on the Wall here:

Footage of the fall of the Wall here:

Sometimes history happens right before our eyes.


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