Things i’d do for you

Breakfast on a September morn:

Things i’d do for you (even though you aren’t mine):

Cloudy coast day:

My Rediflex:

Good life advice:

And a great poem:


Sometimes he forgets
she’s even in the room with him
He never turns his face
from the TV screen
He’s supposed to be watching
the Cubs at St. Louis
but he works on a little dream
that becomes more detailed
every time he thinks of it
There he is in Paris
20 pounds lighter
with a lot more hair
He’s wearing a green silk suit
with a white cotton shirt
and a screaming red silk tie
Sitting alone at a table
in some sidewalk café
he drinks their best cognac
and hums something by Bertolt Brecht
while young girls
ride by on motor scooters
wearing berets
chiffon blouses and slit skirts
They whistle and give him the eye
but he pretends not to notice
The smile on his lips
is almost invisible
but the waiter knows what it means
Then the wife’s voice
breaks through like a crashing plane
asking him what’s on his mind
He wants to tell her
Wants her to know the heat
of his regret
How weak and trapped he feels
here with her
But then he thinks maybe
a man should have a dream
his wife would never understand
So he tells her
he was thinking about painting
the house another color
Maybe green
with screaming red trim

~Dennis Gulling
Belvidire, Illinois


One response to “Things i’d do for you

  1. the things i would do for you list is super cute!!!

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