These days (September version)

Spent a little time at the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum today:

The talented Bessie Kunath has a room of her own:

In other news, Best bookmark idea ever:

Around the house:

Brekky eggs prep:

Thursday waterfall, Rattlesnake Canyon:

And i had a scare today — on the 2nd floor of the Alpha Thrift on Milpas, looking at the books, the floor suddenly started to shake. I looked around, instantly thinking it was an earthquake, wondering if other people were feeling it too. Then i realized that it was just a big truck pulling in beside the building, to drop off donations. Funny, it’s usually the opposite. When a real earthquake happens, everyone’s initial thought is that it’s a big truck rumbling by. But my first thought, at a big truck rumbling by, was that it was an earthquake. I guess i’m in tune, but erroneously, to the vibes of this fine planet.

Be well, love each other, take pictures, and WRITE.



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