LA road trip, July 2011

A jaunt to LA in the summer sun:

LOVE the Reel-In, Malibu CA:

Little Ethiopia:

Soul food heaven:

Thigh Special with legs (cos they were OUT of thighs damnit):

(Clockwise from upper left: Cornbread, butter, collard greens, chicken, red beans & rice.)

Silverlake crochet art:

Sarah Funk in front of her shop:

I had heard of these before but never seen one. The Art-o-Mat, vintage cigarette machines converted to dispense pocket-sized works of art & craft:

Learn more at ARTOMAT.ORG

They spelled ukulele wrong, but i didn’t say anything.

My favorite shop in Hollywood:

Where the wild Sarah are:

PCH almost deserted, 11:30 pm:

And please do check out the lovely blog of the lovely indyink, Grits and Bottle Rockets, for more pleasurable reading.


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