The title is the hardest part

But the content comes fairly easy.

I was driving in my car up Chapala street, on my way home. About half a block ahead of me, I barely noticed someone on a scooter, and their hat flies off their head and lands in the middle of the road. Then I knew it was Cole. On his Vespa. And the famous orange HEMI cap sitting in the center of the street while he pulled over, up ahead, to go back for it. As the cars disappeared in front of me (somehow without running it over), suddenly the road was clear and there was nothing but space between me and the HEMI cap, and I was closing in fast, Cole still pulled over ahead of me. Opening my driver’s-side door, I maneuvered fast up beside the hat, steering with one hand and leaning down to street-level with the other, and scooping it up in mid-stream, then waving it triumphantly in the air! By then, Cole was coming in the other direction down the one-way street, and he saw the whole thing, and our eyes briefly met, and all I heard him say as I zoomed past with his cap in my hand was “AW BRIER!!”

Imagine losing your hat, then looking behind you and seeing an unexpected friend come out of nowhere to scoop it up like a Lone Ranger hero of yore?

Life can be crazy like a movie sometimes. That’s what friendship is all about. And Cole is SO lucky to have a friend like me. You’re welcome.

And this from the lovely Ιωάννα Τσώνη:

If you get it, you get it.

Me & Sarah being funny:

Make a U-shaped meatloaf with Alfred Apaka:

And this is where i sit when i write all this stuff (click each to embiggify):

Please direct all inquiries to the administrator, regarding lost mittens or otherwise.


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