Solstice & San Diego

Summer Solstice pre-parade breakfast at Tupelo Junction:


I love that he looks like he’s standing on the bottom of the photo’s frame, and pulling the right-frame in:

It thinks it’s cropping it; it thinks it’s people!!!

Converging at my place:

Things Kiana left:

Ella’s fairy wings:

Hunter’s lei:

Someone’s hair-band:

This card, which is ironic, because i was there when you first wrote this down over a year ago, and i have no idea why it came out on Solstice:

From a San Diego antique mall — odd when an album you remember being released is now being sold in an ANTIQUE mall:

The Casbah in San Diego (yes, in my day, i rocked it):

Had one of the best meals ever at Tender Greens in SD:

Had a dessert of a bacon brownie topped with bacon ice cream. I recommend.

My dad David Random, posing with his self-portrait from 40 years ago:

Now back home in Santa Barbara after a long drive; I ran into traffic in LA on the 405 and had to pull over quickly & pee in an empty San Pellegrino bottle. You do what you must.


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