There are places i remember…

This is what every place i’ve lived in (in Santa Barbara) looked like on June 24, 2011.

Oak Avenue (bottom floor apartment):

Straight outta high school with HS sweetheart Sherry, my first attempt at adulthood.

The Sunshine Inn, 716 De La Vina (a hippie house with five or six other freaks):

We fixed it up & painted it; it looked much better in 1989. Best house i’ve ever lived in; i grew into myself here. Adulthood be hanged.

The Haley Street house, 920 East, with Ariel & Walter. Three young shining souls in a studio flat:

This is still written in cement out front:

Bath Street ~ another hippie house, had a sign over the door that said “The Mother Ship”. I was most prolific & wrote my best poetry here:

I started in a walk-in-closet-sized room behind the kitchen, then moved to a 2nd floor corner bedroom before moving to Paris.

When i lived in my bus for six months i parked it here, in front of Alice Keck Park:

No neighbors, no noise, ducks outside my window. I loved it so much.

Calle Fresno in San Roque, Rachel’s house. She built a loft studio in the back, and i was the first person to ever live in it:

I was glad to get out of my bus but, ultimately, i couldn’t afford it.

Valerio Street, a huge nice house full of grad students. Selena gave me her room:

I had a crush on the proverbial “Girl Next Door”, Margaret. I could see her bedroom through my window, and we’d wave to each-other at night, but nothing ever came of it.

506 East Sola, with Fooks and Cody. We started our first garage band in the… well, in the garage:

The last time (and the LAST TIME) i ever had roommates.

My place now, at Park East:

Which i love Love LOVE. It’s all mine, and so many wonderful things have happened here and more to come…


One response to “There are places i remember…

  1. I love this whole thing more than you could ever know.

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