San Jose (do you know the way?)

A weekend trip to San Jose:

We arrive: Melanie & Georgia:

Leta’s incredible craftsman house:

Where i slept:

Leta’s garden:

This house is so old… the floorboards are connected not by nails, but by wooden pegs:

And the huge clawfoot bathtub that Leta found deteriorating in a field:

(It’s the size of a Buick, lovingly restored to its former glory.)

Detail from a cabinet in her downstairs bathroom:

There’s some great antiquing in San Jose, too:

I wanted this marquis “THE” so bad:

I didn’t buy it, but i had such a valuable weekend. I got to know Leta even more closely than ever before. Getting to see her home, her life, and getting to talk to her on such a personal level created a much stronger connection with her; i have found a kindred spirit in someone who i knew was always connected with me; this weekend only solidified it ten-fold. Leta Hermes rocks. I have added an awesome person to an already awesome family.

This was a wedding weekend and i haven’t even mentioned the wedding yet. That’s coming next.


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