Pits & Peeves

My list of pet peeves for summer, 2011. (But it doesn’t bother me when you do them.)

1. People who drive slower than me (idiots). Or faster than me (maniacs).

2. That we call Deutchland “Germany” and Wien “Vienna”. Why would we just make up a different name for a place?

3. When someone lies, and later admits lying, then asks “Do i get half points for ‘fessing up?” No. You don’t achieve any net gain if you stab somebody then take them to the hospital.

4. Stand-up comedy in person.

5. Dry or not-sharp Sharpies.

I really enjoy the evolution of my pit scent when i haven’t washed them for a few days — and if that grosses you out, sorry Mr. or Mrs. Daintybritches.
It’s sometimes citrus, sometimes low-tide oceanic, sometimes it blends with the Keihl’s musk to create a different creature altogether.

Today’s sky (just like yesterday’s). Thanks, “summer“!


Click to zoom, then click to zoom again. Someone was STONED!!!

Hang in there, kids.


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