1st post-rapture blog

Reminder: Know your iPod. I was having trouble with mine, so i brought it to the Apple Store. Turned it on to show the girl what the trouble was, and of course the current album playing on it was Belle & Sebastian’s “Tigermilk”, which of course has cover art of a naked girl in a bathtub breast-feeding a stuffed tiger:

She didn’t seem taken aback, but ya never know.

Bed-head morning:

Small haul cos i was on foot:

Scored this pillow for FREE at my complex’s freebox:

Super Stud:

Ventura thrifting with Super Sarah:

Then to Shamsi’s Deli:

Late night cookin:

Got a flat on the Vespa — Emergency repair!

Ran into Bo von H — it had been years — i love him!

Now happy hour:


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