My “Burning House” List

If my house was burning, what would i take with me?

(Click to enlarge)

• Frye harness boots
• A hard drive containing my digital life
• My iPhone
• The Rubber Duckie ashtray that Chris brought me back from India
• My manuscript of 21 year’s worth of poems
• My lucky embroidered shirt
• A lifetime’s worth of journals from home & abroad
• Superman figurine
• 72% cacao dark chocolate
• The boji stone I found in the Boston Public Gardens
• The best letter I’ve ever received, which I’ve read twenty times and will read another hundred
• My lucky vintage bandana
• A vintage French lime-wedge squeezer shaped like a bird
• My mother’s memory book written for me
• The key to my VW bus and old carpenter’s pencil on a chain
• Vintage stainless steel cigarette roller that I found on a park bench in Paris
• Copy of The Catcher in the Rye that my mother inscribed & gave to me
• Dr. Bronner’s peppermint castile soap (because cleanliness is next to etc. and the label is a good read)

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2 responses to “My “Burning House” List

  1. Schroederville

    Now that’s a great list! Your mom was awesome!

  2. Awesome list, Thanks for being Frye at #1!

    Going to repost it on our Facebook page:

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