What did i do today?

Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you), and what have i done today?

I woke up at 9 and vacuumed this place, top to bottom:

And i bagged up about 4 Trader Joes bags full of books for the thrift store, swooped them off the shelves and committed them to the world of second-hand-ness. Because i realized i had too many books. In too many places around my house.

I should only have books on shelves. I need to purge the books that were under the toy piano:

And on the under-shelf of the side table:

And on the chairs i once sat on. And under the desk. And under the kitchen counter. I do love books, but a critical mass is reached, and i need to breach those limits. It feels good to have shelf space again!

Also, i made a mother’s day card for my mama:

And i took photos of a new batch of eBay selling stuff:

See listings HERE.

And i Vespa’d to the nursery for potting soil and a few plants:

Home with them:


Yummy yesterday goods:

Strangely specific book:


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