My best childhood memory of Easter (besides getting a big basket of candy for no reason) was the chocolate Easter-egg hunt my dad would stage for me & my sister. Using little foil-wrapped chocolate eggs (pictured above), indoors, he would hide them in plain sight throughout the house. “In plain sight” were the key words. My parents were collectors, even more prolific than i am, so there were plenty of places to hide them. Perched on the rim of the head-rest of the 1940s barber’s chair; in the coin-return slot of the vintage pinball machine; balanced on the trim of the antique wooden phone booth in the middle-room… there were so many places to look in a house like ours.

And when me or my sister, in our relentless searching, would open a drawer, or lift up a cushion, Dad would remind us, “They’re all in plain sight!!” So we’d continue to scan the rooms, delighting in the clever hiding places he invented. AH, balanced on a picture frame! OH, hidden between the slats of a morris chair! LOOK, on the crown of a lampshade or in the rolls of a rolltop desk, there were endless places to hide, in plain sight, the chocolate jewels which we eagerly hunted for. Next to Christmas, it was the best morning of the year.

Happy Easter!


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