Keep calm & carry on

Scenes from a hike: We kept smelling a vanilla-caramel-maple-syrup smell at certain points on our hikes. Sarah suspected that it was this flower:

I went to Edhat to confirm.

Ok… on Cold Spring Trail, this is carved into a rock at the waterfall (“It’s Here”).

Further down the creek on another rock is carved “All That Is Gold”. Both carved very perfectly, carefully, like they did in the olden days. Hints to a hidden treasure?

My biography:

The brand new, sparkly fresh Alpha Thrift Store on Milpas!!! Just up from La Super Rica, in the building where Salvation Army used to be:

Bottom to top: Sprouted wheat bread, egg, cheese, salsa:


Essentially the contents of one garage, over 40 years:

And that’s AFTER Alpha Thrift picked up a truck-full…

Had the happiest shower of my life after all that.

I’ve started selling on eBay again, too. SEE HERE if you feel like shopping.

Ok bye kids!


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