This was Sunday

Stopped in Montecito at Coast Village Plaza for a sandwich on my way to Butterfly and saw a dog, a little gray Schnauzer, running around the parking lot, lost. Tried to chase him down, got close a few times, but he kept running away. People around me started to notice, especially after i started yelling “CATCH THAT DOG!!” With the help of a few people, we finally caught him (and luckily, a woman had a leash in her trunk). Dog had a collar but no tag (booooo). I called Animal Services and got a recording: “If you’ve found a lost animal, please call back during business hours…” (Big help, thanks.) Someone postulated that the owner may be shopping in Vons and the dog had jumped out of the owner’s car. So i went into Vons, and they let me announce over the PA: “If you own a grey Schnauzer, he got out of your car and we have him on a leash outside!” but nobody answered. I left the dog with the woman who had the leash; i’d done my best. Here’s the dog, if you know him:

Saw an old-school ice cream truck in the same parking lot:

Finally arrived at Butterfly (it takes a long time to be a hero to lost dogs everywhere):

Post-beach shopping basket:

And this, from the New Yorker:


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