Fields of bakers & coming home.

Went to Bakersfield to visit Mom & Dan for the first part of the weekend. Went to an antique mall that’s in an old vintage art-deco Woolwoorth’s building:

The old lunch counter is still operating!

And the deco details still exist:

No fun, no fun at all:

In the basement, old signs on every door:

Lunch at a cattle-ranch café, and the waitress reminded me of a dear friend of mine:

Except for being pregnant, and being a waitress in a honky-tonk café.

She balanced the plates on her pregnant belly:

(That’s my burger touching her boob.)

Road to nowhere, Bakersfield:

Mom’s cat cuddling me:

Sign of the times (and places):

Got home:

Fun with cookie cutters & cheese!

And the super-hot Santa Anna winds blow around outside, lifting my curtains and reminding me that i’m HOME. Santa Barbara early-summer HOME, barefoot in shorts & no shirt, listening to that wind. Here. Where? Here.


2 responses to “Fields of bakers & coming home.

  1. Hey, Came across your fascinating site looking for photos of old Woolworth lunch counters to accompany letters written in 1934. Your recent shots, look great in B&W or sepia. Do you mind if I use one of them in my blog “Trudel’s Truth” http://www.lgrossman/com/trudel/ With credit of course.

  2. Of course you can use any of my images. Thanks for asking!!

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