Emptying someone else’s house

Spent the day cleaning out the house of a woman Layla knows. She’s moved to assisted living, and we were tasked with the final stages of clearing a home of years & years worth of living. You can learn a lot about a stranger by clearing out their home. She was quite a European traveler, possibly a teacher, not much of a drinker (the dust on the Canadian Club bottle was a quarter-inch thick), and MAJOR book lover (Planned Parenthood’s annual book sale is gonna LOVE us).


She had 50-year-old Greek wine:

And this:

And great bathroom fixtures:

And great tile too:

My friends Hillary (in the plaid pants) and Zoe (the cutie in the white dress) are on the back of a bus!!! I’ve never known anyone on a bus before:

And then there’s this:

Merlot & Basque Shepherd’s Cheese happy-hour tonight. Off to Bakersfield tomorrow. Adios.


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