Monday Spring Clean(s)ing

Was awakened at 8am by a knock on the door. Here i thought it was Sunday, but it’s Monday, and the maintenance guy is here to install my new bedroom window!

The old window was a rattling, drafty wood-framed affair, and while i appreciated the vintage aspect of it, i’m very pleased to have a sealed, insulated dual-paned (keeps out both cold & noise) smooth-sliding window. Can’t wait to just lay in bed, opening & closing it with my bare foot, over & over again.

So since i was awake, i made a cup of PG Tips & started puttering around the house. Decided to vacuum the place, which led to wiping down all the kitchen cabinets. Which led to taking everything off my desk (that’s a lot) and wiping it down. Which led to cleaning my gunky keyboard with an old toothbrush. Which led to cleaning out my living room closet (a long-procrastinated event), which led to bringing lots of assorted stuff down to the garage, which led to re-organizing the entire garage. And bringing a car-load of stuff to Goodwill:

…and finding three medium-ticket items to post on Craigslist, which i DID, DID, and DID.

The famous fishnet-stockinged leg, which resided in my VW Bus all those years, was sadly demoted to the trash-heap of Brier history:

Five hours of cleaning/organizing later, and i breathe. It feels like a new apartment. But still miles to go before i sleep. Thankfully, Sarah pulled me out of my frenzy & suggested a late-afternoon hike. So after a quick TopoChico:

I drove up my favorite twisty-turny road in the world,

To the trailhead for a beautiful hike with wildflowers & rushing water:

My favorite day. Now a glass of wine with which to survey my slightly-more-sparse kingdom. Joy abounds.

Oh yeah, and this:


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