What can we do?

It’s so nice to have a local neighborhood store. Jack knows me, and i know him. I went there tonight to buy a bottle of wine and he was eating something. I asked, “What are you eating?” and he said, “Chicken wings.” I asked, “Where from?” and he said, “My mom made them for me. Want one?” And he gave me the most delicious chicken wing i’ve ever eaten. Thanks, Jack!

And i’m dying to know who this girl is, who i took a picture of, when she was dancing with some local street performers downtown a few months ago, cos i think she’d really like to have this photo:

If you know her, give her the pic.

Random wharf photo:

Got my racket re-gripped today, what a difference!

At Butterfly:

March means jasmine, lots and lots of fragrant jasmine:

Me on white Vespa?:

Oh the palms:

What can we do?


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