Brier’s Version


C at Butterfly, circa 2006:

Warm morning:

Saw the excellent “Barney’s Version” at the Riviera Theater last night (trailer HERE). During a particularly dramatic scene, someone’s cell phone rang, loudly. Annoying. But annoyance turned to absurdity when she ANSWERED it and began talking in a normal voice-volume. Despite a few “shhhh”s, she continued talking for a few more seconds before mercifully ending the (undoubtedly earth-shatteringly important) phonecall. Can you imagine?

And speaking of strange people: I was in line at the market, and the guy in front of me laid down the divider-thingy on the conveyor belt between my groceries & his, always a nice courtesy. I said thanks and he said “Hey, no problem.” I wondered if the unnecessary addition of the prefix “Hey” was some sort of unconscious macho thing; me not being the type of person who ever thinks about inserting a few machismo-style words into incidental conversation. The check-out girl said to him “Hello, how are you tonight?” and he predictably responded “Hey, fine thanks.” When she asked him “Paper or plastic?” i waited (if not hoped) for him to say “Hey, plastic”. Unceremoniously and unwittingly letting me down, he did not.

Today was the kind of day you wish for & dream about in March, 80 degrees, blue sky, perfect for Vespa riding by the beach (and tennis playing), both of which i did plenty. And well. Currently feeling young and tan. Commencing moisturizing. More of the same tomorrow.



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