Eight miles high & falling fast…

Cooking breakfast:

Breakfast cooked:

Stormy Butterfly Beach:

Beachglass found:

Best of today’s finds:

Music Academy of the West:

Green dragon roll:

My favorite spoon: Think of how long someone had to use it to actually WEAR AWAY the rim of a metal spoon. And apparently, they were right-handed. How many years decades of soup does that take?

The spoon reminds me of THIS POEM.


3 responses to “Eight miles high & falling fast…

  1. I like the poem that goes with the spoon and the beach glass….

  2. My Rebecca was married at the Music A………great spot…love your blog B

  3. i have same. i love this spoon. what type is your spoon? my spoon is Rostex, and anticorro. i cant find about this spoon, only your picture.
    Have a lot of good soup with your spoon!

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