Easy like Monday morning

My “winning something off the radio” story:

I never listen to the radio except NPR. Ever. But I borrowed Maya’s car, and her CD player was on the blink, so I was listening to whatever station her radio was tuned to while driving around town, when the DJ mentions that they’re doing a mobile broadcast from Smart & Final, a mini-Costco kinda big-box store, and that they were giving away tickets to the Fiona Apple concert next weekend. So I swung the car around to the store.

When I got there, I found out that it wasn’t a straight ticket giveaway. It was a contest kind of thing. All the contestants (myself included) got three chances to throw an apple into a huge cafeteria-sized can of applesauce from a distance (they were really milking the Fiona “APPLE” thing).

So after giving the DJ my name, rank & serial number, I stepped up to the line. My first apple missed horribly. I lobbed my second apple in a high arc with pretty good aim, but it landed impaled on the edge of the applesauce can. Just wedged on there. I claimed it was “good”, but after some discussion with the judges, the throw was deemed invalid. Shit. One apple left. I wound up & tossed the globular Golden Delicious — way off — it flew high past the can, bounced off the Smart & Final store building wall, and came down square in the center of the applesauce can with a resounding “sploosh”.

And the concert was great.

Today’s TJ’s haul:

Lunch: Ezekiel sprouted whole-grain English muffin with a fried egg, yogurt cheese, and sundried tomatoes.

Van’s Boot Saver — “Hang ’em up, they’ll last longer.” Thanks, mama. And thanks, Van.

Cos you know how keeping your boots on the floor really doesn’t wear them out wears them out.

Rattlesnake hike: Jungle path:

Amid charred trees, nature recovers (spectacularly):

Nature hot-tub. Just needs a little cleaning.

Clovers everywhere:

Saw this tonight. You should too — it was amazing & touching.



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