The Banana Connection

I was walking down State Street eating a banana, and coming towards me was a girl walking in the other direction, eating a banana. As we passed, we kinda raised our bananas to each-other, somewhat like a champagne toast, but with bananas. It was a really cute moment.

Wait a minute Mr. Postman: I brought my toast with me while walking to check the mail:

And i found the prettiest package in my mailbox:

Santa brought me a vintage soft-as-butter leather Coach toiletries bag! (And it’s just what i wanted.)

And if you haven’t had this cheese from Trader Joe’s, on Ak-Mak crackers, you just haven’t lived:

My haul, courtesy of a TJ’s gift card from mama:

Yummy toasted brie on baguette:

If you’re ever in San Francisco, go here:

I be a happy boy right about now.

P.S. All photos taken with my iPhone 4 — not bad!


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