Holiday things

On christmas eve walking back to my flat from the French Press, an old homeless man in the park, holding a dry unopened cup-o-noodles said, “Can you spare some hot water?” I looked at him, patted my pockets obviously, and said “No, i don’t have any hot water on me, man.” He said, “Do you live nearby? Can you get me some?” I mumbled something, then walked on. I got to my flat, and then i thought “Holy crap, it’s fuckin Christmas Eve…” So i boiled some water, poured it into a travel mug, and drove back to him. “Do you still need hot water?” He did. I said “Be careful, it’s REALLY hot” and gave it to him. He thanked me and said “Do you have anything else?” I said “no”, then got into my car and looked at the two sandwiches i’d prepared for the drive to Bakersfield. I took one out of the tinfoil and brought it to him. “Turkey and brie with tomatoes?” i asked him. He nodded. Merry xmas and all that stuff.

Where in the world would i be?

And i ate pretty well, too: Mac n’ Cheese with collard greens, for instance:

And, no lie, i took a walk on Peanut Avenue:

And a shout-out to Santa for my utterly fantastic new iPhone 4:

I hope you all had a great Christmas, whoever you are and wherever you were.


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