Hollywood Confidential

At the tone, the time will be 1:52 AM, and i really should be in bed (i swore i’d go to bed) but i wanted to stick a few photos onto this here fridge, with magnets. Just back from Hollywood, seeing some good bands with Whiskey Bitch, and i’m still vibrating from the road. So allow me 5 minutes to post these up, and then i promise i’ll get some sleep.

The light that comes in from outside, if you could catch it all & pin it to your wall, then you would sleep much better:

The Buddha gathering dust on my shelf:

Sunset from the 101 South:

L.A. traffic:

The Sunset 8:


And the most spooky crazy psychic ESP clairvoyant moment of my life happened tonight. The band was Faith No More at the Palladium. Early in their set, for some UNKNOWN and COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE reason, i imagined them playing the theme song from Chariots of Fire, apropos of nothing (for surely this was NOT their style of music by any long shot). So…. later, during the 2nd song of their encore, they started a song with the tune of…. wait for it…. CHARIOTS OF FIRE. I. AM. SERIOUS. Of all the random obscure songs in the ENTIRE WORLD…. Chariots of Fire. I have no idea how this happened, or what it means. But if you’d like your palm read or your future told, contact me via phone or email. Something strange is going on. Something we can scarcely begin to comprehend.

Now, some leftover croque monsieur and then zzzzzzzzz


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