And the pink runs into the blue

Holy hell, i am spending the night before Thanksgiving in, getting mellow before my drive to Bakersfield tomorrow early morn. And i am seriously thinking about turning to a life of crime. Any suggestions are welcome. But in the meantime, some photos.

This from my bathroom; the guy in the tub existed, then Celina crafted the perfect girl to wash his back (complete with bar of soap):

Not to be confused with “Bathing Beauty Plus Man” seen here:

Also in my bathroom is a portrait of me driving my vw bus while Walter is kissing my cheek (love you, W):

And, random bookshelf photo:

And happy day-before-turkey-day, i’ll see you when things get back to normal.


Thank you for consulting the National Lost Mitten Registry. If you’ve lost a mitten, please add your information to our national database, including the following:

– Color
– Material
– Right or Left Hand
– Last Known Location
– A Photo of Existing Orphaned Mitten (If Possible)


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