Like a flower in the rain

And it’s raining tonight on my Santa Barbara, one hell of a dashing, pouring rain. Lots of grey clouds. But did you ever notice the space that’s in between the clouds? So interesting to look & see those spaces. Me, these days i’ve been enjoying the theory of unemployment, sleeping in and watching documentaries. I watched a great one today on John Lennon’s time in New York City during the 70s, on PBS. The last 15 minutes killed me. Kinda want to move there & try my luck, DUMBO at least. But i love my apartment, and my SB, so maybe i’ll stick around and see if i can make a go of it here again.

And now, a clearing-house of sorts, of various images i’ve been wanting to share.

Reason to stay in SB: the fresh avocados.




Some Good Music:

But, ultimately, what can we do?

This film is on:

Rain is like love, it pours down.


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