Shakespeare never did this

He never sat at a tiny desk, with nag champa burning, sending out blog posts into the infinite web. Or maybe he did. I don’t know much about The Bard, biographically. God knows he never dropped his shorts behind a “No Nudity Allowed” sign:

And perhaps he ate Swiss chard, but he never took a blurry photo of it at 3 AM:

Here are a few lovely photos, the first one i took on Maui:

And this one’s from somewhere else:

And check this lovely pas-de-deux (of sorts) en Francais (que j’aime):

Mes erreurs
Je sais que je les porterai toute ma vie
Mes erreurs
Comme de celle
Tu sais laquelle
Quand on a coupé mes cordes
Je me suis envolée ailleurs
On a coupé mes cordes
Et je ne redescendais pas

And the loveliest little package came in the mail on Monday, tugging at my cardio-vascular muscle a little bit:

The 1983 Tony Awards, brought to you by Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo, will continue following station identification.



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