Come Monday night…

In honor of this Monday night (Tuesday morning looms; the grey of ordinariness), let me present God Help The Girl’s lovely song and viddy, “Come Monday Night“.

And out of retirement comes…

…my 1946 Royal Quiet DeLuxe! Aaahh, i just love to smell her oil. Gotta get her a tuneup, new ribbon, resurface the platen, grease the keys. But she still performs like a champ. My neighbors lament the “click clack” sound of typing at 2AM, but they’ll get over it. It’s like a boxing match, though, typing on her. You gotta pound those keys like a pugilist — rights, lefts, uppercuts, roundhouse knockout punches… and it’s worth all the sweat and black eyes. She was with me in Paris, in Czechoslovakia, and, most prolifically, on the cliffs above Butterfly Beach. Looking forward to working with her again.

And i loved when Esmé said “I often like things that aren’t beautiful on the surface, but are golden & arresting at their root.”

And i realized that i haven’t yet given a shout-out to my dear father, the renaissance man, and his website, where you can view his art and get to know him better.

And the ol’ insom hit real bad last night / this morning, awake at 3:30 with no hopes of falling back. At least if you’re with another insomniac, it’s fun, you have something to do, someone to talk to. Alone, however, it’s dragsville. I do what needs to be done and listen to Brahms and eat blue cheese & chili peppers. This kills a little time but when it’s 4.5 hours until you have to get up, all you pray for is a little sleep. And at least a little dreaming. Not dreaming sucks.

So i got up with the sunrise and got the boots ready for their debut:

And met Whiskey Bitch for a coffee at FP, she blows off work like a champ.

And a sad list of my Failed Business Ventures, and why they failed:

I started a roadmap company — it folded.
I started a soul band — it’s now defunct.
I opened a filling station — it tanked.
I opened a scuba-diving school — it went under.
I started a calendar company — its days were numbered.
I opened a nail salon — it filed for bankruptcy.
I opened a KFC franchise — it kicked the bucket.
I opened a venetian blinds company — it’s now shuttered.
I started publishing serial novels — now in Chapter 11.
I opened a yoga studio — it went belly up.
I started a plumbing company — it went down the drain.
I opened a rowboat store — closed due to a lack of sales. (Lack of SAILS, gettit??)

With that hilarious bit of comedy genius, i leave you.

Do hold fast to the tremble-wavering symbols of a greater & simpler reality, to guide us through these sour times.


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