I’ve learned what pleases me

Autumn sped along outside, while i sat inside watching it through my window. December’s coming soon (pining for the moon) and i think i miss October most. It’s always my favorite month, my birthday notwithstanding. But November’s given me a few things to make the corners of my pretty mouth turn up a bit, and to render my cardio-vascular muscle a happy little ball of mush. In no particular order:

I want this:

And this Bukowski poem (click to enlarge):

And this beautiful little magazine:

And my new camera (a tip of the hat to Esme for making me buy it). And the fact that today is Friday, and i have an entire weekend with lots sweet F.A. to do. And modern art, and modern history (on the 3rd floor). And my Vespa. And Albert Brooks. And, and, and.

What if a girl actually had an aunt named “Flo”, and this aunt was visiting her. Would she tell anyone?

I’m doing a piece for the Independent, a kinda “man on the streets” fashion column. Just stopping fashionable people on the streets, photographing them, and having them tell about their outfits (the designer, where they got it, describing their own idea of what their style is). Another good way to get out & interact with the lovely people of SB.

That’s all for now. Love & luck,


Oh, and look at this amazing song by Camera Obscura.


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