Be whole, on my behalf.

And when autumn then winter rolls around, i usually enjoy the cold places i find, and curl up in a ball to try to keep warm… but this November has thus far only shown 80-degree weather and warm, warm nights. I actually rode my Vespa to work this morning (at the usual hour of 8:15 am) wearing short sleeves. I thought to myself, “I didn’t even do this in the SUMMER, not on one day.” And so, the November warmth has embraced all of us here in SB. And i’m afraid that any night now, i’m gonna drown in my bed. But that’s up to the Gods to decide. Right now, i will share this still frame from a self-authored photo shoot:

And, again, i woke up way too early (the lament of the insomniac) and tried to take a photo of the sunrise from my balcony, but it never looks as rich in photos as it did in person:

And at French Press there was this insistent Monarch butterfly who loved alighting on this lovely fixed-gear bike of all colors, probably thinking it was a flower because of said colors:

Ok, that’s all i got. It was a lovely day, and i hope tomorrow continues the promise of the joy that today gave. xoxo


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