Dreams of an Insomniac, Part One


The curse of the insomniac has its benefits: When you’re drifting in & out of sleep, you have these crazy amazing dreams that you can actually remember because you wake up about 5 minutes after the dreams end. The other night i had the insom real bad (and was a somnambulist the next day, permanently yawning) but it was worth it. Two of the more vivid dreams:

The first dream: I’m with some evil, clawed & fanged lady with a voice like the love-child of Bjork & an elf, and we’re on bicycles, and i’m riding beside her. She turns right, down a street where the sign says “No Right Turn”. But she turns right, and looking at me over her shoulder she says “Follow me!” I say “But the sign says ‘no right turn’.” She shrugs & says, “World won’t end.” I turn right, and it doesn’t.

In the next dream, i’m visiting her in her artist’s studio (we’d just met) where she and some friends are restoring a vintage blue & white Volkswagen squareback that’s also a boat. There are people milling about, and i say “Which of these boys is your boyfriend?” and she points out one boy, with a beard, who is artistic looking. But he doesn’t seem to have a soul. Then we spend the next several hours sitting on the floor off in a corner, looking at the vintage things i’d brought over, and the ones that she had.

And i finally fell asleep (i think) around 2:30, asleep then awake then asleep… Then i woke up at 5:30 and knew i was awake for good. How dreams wake me, restless & sweaty. And the aromatic smell of autumn pours in through my window. And i smell the fecundity of life, and love.

Aftermath, the next morning, twisted sheets and turned-over-too-many-times pillows:


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