LikeyBoard: Ten Things I <3.

Here are ten things that are giving me a mental boner these days:

10. The smell of old books. Particularly Salinger. I sometimes go into used bookstores just for the smell.

9. My new watering can.

8. The house chop suey at Sam Wo’s in Chinatown.

7. My 40s.

6. Castello cheese with Ak Mak crackers. And katamala olives.

5. That i have a roll of Polaroid 600 film left.

4. “I Want The World To Stop” — the new single by Belle & Sebastian. Pure joyousness.

3. The Canon Rebel digital SLR. I am coveting one right now, and saving my pennies in a jar.

2. This pin i found last weekend.

1. This poem by Kay Ryan.

Thanks to Miss Private for letting me steal the LikeyBoard idea.

And i have magical powers, see. Price list: Find missing contact lenses: $5 per lens. Mend broken hearts: $24.50 each (limit 2 per customer). Pad your autobiography with interesting life-experiences: 20 cents a word. Draw on your things with felt-tip pen: prices vary.



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