Brier’s Top 5 Songs To Bicycle To

5. “Cold Cold Water” by Mirah: If you’re the type who likens getting on your bike to saddling up a horse for a good gallop, then this spaghetti-western-tinged epic will make you want to ride into the sunset. Ennio Morricone couldn’t have done it better.

4. “Nothing Came Out” by Moldy Peaches: The overt bicycle reference contained in the lyrics notwithstanding, it’s still a great introspective love song to hear with the headphones on while pedaling by the park. A must.

3. “Petite Suite — Ballet” by Debussy: A perfect little piano suite, joyously bouncy and lilting; will make you feel like you’re riding in the south of France on a 1932 Raleigh. In 1932. Instant movie montage!

2. “Let’s Get Out Of This Country” by Camera Obscura: Best when riding in a town you’ve lived in for years, but need to look at with new eyes. From a bike. As refreshing as a mint julep!

1. “I’m A Cuckoo” by Belle & Sebastian: The winner in a photo-finish. The ultimate song when on a bike. The post-love-affair joy (oxymoron?) that abounds from this song is impossible to deny. The swelling horns and cymbal crashes in the bridge will make you wanna take both hands off the handlebars and pump your fists in the air in a pure manic triumph of the heart.

Put ’em on your iPod and get out & ride! MP3’s emailed upon request.

~Brier “Broken Spoke” Random

Coming next week: Brier’s Top 5 Songs To Do Light Housekeeping To


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