Harriet’s flowers

I saw The Sundays here in Calif years ago, and i jumped on stage & gave Harriet a bouquet of gaily scented flowers. I had the bouquet in my hands all thru the show, and i was near the front, and all the people around me were saying: “Are those for her? Are you gonna give them to her? Gonna git up there?” and i was like, “yeah, i’m going up there.” After every song the people would say “Now??” and i would say “No, not yet.” Finally after “Hideous Towns” i turned to everyone and said “yes, now” and without my prompting, they pushed me to the front of the crowd. I felt twelve hands on my back and ass, and suddenly these strangers were lifting me towards the stage, and propelled me upwards. I flew through the air and landed, no kidding, on my knees in front of Harriet. She looked very startled. I got to my feet and handed her the flowers, mumbled something to her which i don’t remember (prolly the usual “you’re amazing”) then was escorted off the stage by roughnecks. They led me down a hallway, i was sure they were going to just throw me out. Then one of the roughest necks pointed to a door and said “No, in there.” and i thought that’s the room where they keep the torture machines and hot things that burn, and pins. But they shoved me through the door and i was back on the floor near the front again! Just then the Sundays started into “Love” which was my favorite song of theirs at the time (now it’s “My Finest Hour”). I got the concert t-shirt which had a photo of an apple and a pear on the front. When i wear it, i thrust out my chest and ask: “Don’t i have a nice pear?”


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