It Catches My Heart In Its Hands

“I’m tired of earthly pleasures — bring me ethereal ones.”   ~Brier Random

Happiness continues — my favorite day.  Started it at French Press with mister Joe Rockwell (such a dear, dear cat) and then made the rainy drive to Ventura for a thrifting session.  Photos of my loot coming soon.

And i spent a good part of the day, as i do every year when my birthday is approaching, thinking about the things that i’ve done this year, about the decisions i made, about my actions (whether honorable or despicable) and i came to the conclusion that i did more right things than wrong. Beyond good and evil is alright in theory, but to go on living, one has to be selective.  I’ve seen more green lights than red, and when it’s yellow i step on it.  Outside, the smell of recent rain on asphalt sneaks in through my window.  I go out on the balcony and sit on the railing, dangling my feet recklessly, and inhale.  I am in love with that smell.

Ok kids, go shake your booty tonight.  I’m gonna dance at home.


One response to “It Catches My Heart In Its Hands

  1. nice blog. i’m happy to read this post on my birthday, as i started year 40 and now to hear of how 40 ended for you. and i did shake my booty that night. glad you did too, at home with the rain smell. i love it too. happy birthday brier!

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